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Bonita Springs Charter School promotes a technique that will yield improved academic results, self -development and character education. Teaching techniques go well beyond Florida Standards’ focus into broad levels of skill building. These methods, when combined with traditional instructional strategies, will give our students a strong information foundation and skills repertoire upon which to build their future.

An Enriched Curriculum

  • CSUSA Core Curriculum – A framework that incorporates the formal performance based Florida Standards.
  • Emphasis on reading, writing and mathematics as well as foreign language, physical education, the arts, and technology.
  • Our overall goal is to establish a flexible “open framework” that supports creativity, high standards and a solid academic foundation.
  • The Curriculum encourages steady academic progress as students build their knowledge and skills from one year to the next.

Individualized Approach To Learning

  • Personal Learning Plan (P.L.P.) for each student that will assess his/her skill level when he/ she enrolls in the school.
  • A path for growth is designed for each student that is periodically reassessed to determine skill development
  • The P.L.P. will ensure that the individual needs of each student are met and provide parents the opportunity to participate in educational goal setting and monitoring of their child’s academic progress.

Elementary Curriculum Resources

Reading K-5-Wonders
Reading-DRA2 Guided Reading Materials
Language Arts/Writing K-5-Wonders, Top Score Writing, and Mentor Texts

Reading Online Software for Classroom/Home Learning- K-2-www.readingeggs.com

Reading Online Software for Classroom/Home Learning- 3-5-www.readingplus.com
Handwriting K-5-Zaner-Bloser Print
Handwriting 3-5-Zaner-Bloser Cursive
Phonics K-2-Secret Stories/ Spalding Phonics
Math K-5- Pearson Realize/Envision Math
Math Online Software for Classroom/Home Learning- K-2-www.mathletics.com

Math Online Software for Classroom/Home Learning 3-5-www.thinkthroughmath.com
Science K-2-Houghton Mifflin Harcourt School Discovery Works
Science 3-5-National Geographic Science
Science 5-Harcourt Fusion Science
Social Studies-K-5-Houghton Mifflin Harcourt School Florida Editions and Social Studies Weekly
FSA Test Preparation 3-5-Common Core Performance Coach

Middle School Curriculum

Reading-Glencoe Reader’s Choice
Reading Remedial/Intensive- Reading in Action
Language Arts/Writing-Top Score Writing
Language Arts/Writing-Glencoe Writer’s Choice
Handwriting-Zaner Bloser Cursive
Math-Glencoe Math Applications and Concepts Florida Edition
Math Remedial/Intensive- Intensive Math
Science 6-7 Glencoe Florida Edition
Science 8- McGraw Hill iScience
Social Studies: 6 & 8 World History and US History-Pearson Florida Edition
Social Studies:7- McGraw Hill Florida Civics Economics & Geography
FCAT Preparation-Triumph Learning Crosswalks
Algebra I Pearson
Spanish: Como Te Va

Virtual Courses

Virtual Course Explanation (pdf)