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  • Cross-Country
  • Boys Basketball
  • Girls Basketball
  • Boys Volleyball
  • Girls Volleyball
  • Boys Soccer
  • Girls Soccer
  • Boys Track
  • Girls Track
  • Tennis
  • Golf

Clubs & Activities

Enrichment Club Grade Level
American Girl Enrichment K-5th
Arts and Crafts 3rd-8th
Basketball Enrichment 3rd-5th
Book Club 3rd-5th
BSCS Fashionistas! Enrichment K-2nd
Cheer and Tumbling Enrichment 3rd-8th
Comic Book Club Enrichment K-3rd
Cooking with Math Enrichment K-2nd
Creative Writing Enrichment 5th-8th
DANCE Enrichment 3rd-8th
Drawing and Painting Enrichment 3rd-5th
Earth Rangers Enrichment 3rd-5th
Elementary Board Game Enrichment 3rd-5th
Fabulous Foodies Enrichment 6th-8th
FANGIRLS Enrichment 6th-8th
Flag Football Enrichment 5th-8th
Found Object Projects- Art from Recycled Materials 6th-8th
Four Square Enrichment 3rd-5th
Game Time Enrichment 6th-8th
Girls’ Club Enrichment 6th-8th
Guitar Hero Enrichment 3rd- 5th
Hands On Art Recipes K-1st
Harry Potter – Muggles for Harry Potter Enrichment! 2nd-8th
Jedi Training Academy Enrichment K-3rd
Kickball Club Enrichment 3rd-8th
Kids Yoga Enrichment K-2nd, 3rd-5th
Lego Builders Club Enrichment K-3rd
Let’s Play Co-Ed Soccer 5th-8th
Make-Up Artistry Enrichment 6th-8th
Martial Arts Enrichment 4th-8th
“Minute To Win It” Enrichment K-3rd
My Little Painter Enrichment K-2nd
“Off the Cuff” Improv Enrichment 5th-8th
Olympic Games Enrichment 3rd-8th
Origami Club Enrichment 2nd-5th
Science Experiment Enrichment 3rd-5th
Sew Crafty Enrichment 6th-8th
Steampunk Hats and Accessories Art Enrichment 6th-8th
Student Leadership Teams Student_Leadership_Teams_and_Communities_List_2016-2017 3rd – 8th
Super Science Sleuths K-1st
Trashion Fashion Show Enrichment 5th-8th
Wii Dance Enrichment 1st-3rd
Young Authors’ Club Enrichment 2nd-5th
Zumba Kids Enrichment 1st-5th



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